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Core Program

Our core program is the foundation for all the fun, excitement and learning that happens on the fields.  AYSO is best known for our core program – it’s where the large majority of kids fall in love with soccer and make memories that will last a lifetime.

There are six core values – or what we call AYSO’s Six Philosophies – that are the foundation of our core program, and all others: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development.  These are the essence of AYSO and it all starts with Everyone Plays.

Here in AYSO, Everyone Plays means that no kid spends their soccer experience sitting on the bench.  Every kid plays at least half of every game. Learn more about the AYSO Six Philosophies in the "A Parents Guide to AYSO" link in the Quick Links.

Also, teams are put together in a way that makes playing soccer about the experience, not wins or losses.  It’s not about blowing out another team with an unbelievable score; it’s about sportsmanship and learning to be the best possible team mate and opponent.  Developing players is what we’re about, because soccer skills and life skills go hand in hand.  AYSO’s main purpose is to get kids on the field, provide them with good coaches, and teach them to play soccer.

NEW Refund Policy:  Effective April 30, 2019
(Replaces all previous versions)

AYSO – Region 676 operates as ONE season split into TWO halves
(One season = Fall 2019 & Spring 2020)

FALL only / SPRING only

FALL -or- SPRING season only - $ 115.00    ($95.00 registration fee + $20.00 AYSO non-refundable member fee)

(AYSO Membership Fee increased from $17.50 to $20.00 for 2019/2020 season) = Increase of $2.50 p/player

BOTH - FALL & SPRING (Play both for one price)

BOTH Fall & Spring seasons - $ 115.00   ($95.00 registration fee + $20.00  member fee)

(AYSO Membership Fee increased from $17.50 to $20.00 for 2019/2020 season) = Increase of $2.50 p/player


Refunds requested by the deadline date of July 1st will receive the Registration Fee in full, which is $95.00. The AYSO Membership fee of $20.00 is non-refundable.

*** Early Bird Refunds:  $100.00 ($80.00 registration fee + $20.00 member fee) – Refund will be $80.00 for Early Bird ***


Registration for Fall 2019 AND Spring 2020 runs from April 30th to June 10th, 2019. REFUNDS for Fall 2019 AND / OR Spring 2020 must be received no later than JULY 1, 2019.

(If you sign up your child for Spring 2020 and then cancel in February 2020, a refund will not be given. Pay one price for Fall only, Spring only, or both) *** BUY ONE SEASON, GET ONE FREE, SO PLAY BOTH! ***


Refund requests MUST BE received in written format either by email to:  [email protected] or by mailing a request to our PO Box. Requests MUST include Player’s Name, Parents Name, Address, Division, and reason for Refund.


No refunds will be given AFTER the deadline dates.

In the case of unexpected or unusual circumstances, Region 676 may choose to review your case individually regarding a refund. AYSO reserves the right to grant or deny refunds regardless of the reason. Refunds are not granted for the following reasons:

1)      Refunds are not provided because families cannot or will not accommodate a specific coach/team/friend request.

2)      Refunds are not provided because families cannot or will not accommodate their schedules to attend practices or game times (example:           Child has baseball practice on the same night as soccer practice)

3)      Refunds are not provided for game cancellations due to weather.

4)      Refunds are not provided due to injury whether soccer related or other reason.

5)      Refunds are not provided because parent chose another sport for child but already paid for Soccer (example: Child is also enrolled in                 softball and the games are at the same times as soccer, so parent decides to drop child from soccer)


AYSO – Region 676
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Jenison, MI 49429

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